Old World Monkey

Old World Monkey is a photographic documentation of the long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) of Singapore presented through a series of larger-than-life murals in and around People’s Park Complex(PPC).

Long-tailed macaques belong to the simian group of primates and are termed old world monkeys along with the hot spring dwelling Japanese macaques and the rather strange-looking the proboscis monkey.

Long-tailed macaques are known to have complex social hierarchical behaviours. They maintain successful group living relationships and even apply conflict resolution behaviours much like humans. Aside from humans (genus Homo), the macaques are monkeys that are the most widespread primate genus globally.

Reflecting on People’s Park Complex history, modelled as one of the first post-war civic infrastructure that was purpose build as a social space in the 1970s. As such, PPC is an ideal backdrop to juxtapose a troop of Singapore Long-tailed Macaques living and socialising within its premises.

As highly social creatures with complex hierarchical behaviours, both macaques and humans understand the importance of group social living as key to survival within a larger eco-system.

ErnestGoh_PPC_Wall_2 ErnestGoh_PPC_Wall_1 Group 2015_009_OldWorldMonkey_IMG_7164 2015_009_OldWorldMonkey_IMG_7191(1) 2015_009_OldWorldMonkey_IMG_7202 2015_009_OldWorldMonkey_IMG_7229 2015_009_OldWorldMonkey_IMG_7233